Scatter Plots

Scatter plots consists of a set of points scattered in an XY-plane. Each of these points represent an entity whose position in the XY-plane corresponds to values indicated by the two axes.

The example above is visualizing different country's income per capita and life expectancy at 2009. Here, each point represents a country.

In addition to the two values corresponding to its XY-coordinates, scatter plots can also display other information by applying different colors and sizes to the points.

The colors of the points in the example indicate which continent the countries belong.
The size of each point in the example represents to the country's population size. Hovering the mouse cursor over the points will reveal the country's name and population.

Ex1: Which of the following country has the lowest life expectancy?
(Check country names by hovering the mouse cursor over the points.)

Life expectancy is mapped to the Y-axis. The country with the lowest life expectancy will be positioned the lowest along the Y-axis

Ex2: Which of the following statement is true about the correlation regarding life expectancy (life).

Correlation of two values indicate whether an increase in one of the values affect the other value. In this example, income per capita (x-value) does appear to affect life expectancy (y-value). On the other hand, population (size) does not appear to have any effect on life expectancy (y-value). When an increasing effect is triggered by an increase in the other value, it is refered to as a positive correlation. If the increase in one value causes the other value to decrease, it is called a negative correlation.

Q-1: How large is the income per capita (dollars) of Afghanistan?

Q-2: Which color indicates the countries from the African continent?

Q-3: Which of the following country has the largest income per capita?

This scatter plot shows a wine dataset. Each point represents a wine and the XY-axes show the wine's alcohol and phenolic content. The size of the points corresponds to the flavonoid content of the wine and the colors indicate the three different types, A, B and C, of the wines.

Q-4: Which type of wine has the lowest alcohol content.?

Q-5: How much alcohol content does the wine with the highest alcohol content have?

Q-6: What is the phenolic content of Wine-77?

Q-7: What attributes most characterizes the difference between Type-A wines and Type-B wines

Q-8: What is the lowest phenolic content of Type-A wines?

Q-9: Which type of wines has the lowest flavonoid content?

Q-10: Which of the following statement is true about the correlations in the data.

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